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"StoryTime with The Jumping JellyBeans" is a podcast featuring professional & aspiring storytellers.

We give a platform to anyone with a passion for storytelling.

The podcasts include a segment entitled "StoryTime Music" where we showcase the stories and songs of recording artists and up and coming singer-songwriters


With stories from different cultures on a wide range of topics, StoryTime has something for everyone.



StoryTime ​with The Jumping JellyBeans

​​is an independently produced  storytelling podcast ​featuring stories

from the world over.

What better way than sharing stories to bring communities together?​


The Company

The Jumping JellyBeans Sdn Bhd

The Jumping JellyBeans was incorporated in 2004 specialising in theatre productions, workshops and seminars for children and adults. We have experience organising festivals as well.




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Engage a facilitator to visit your school for

interactive storytelling or workshop sessions.



Do you have a story to tell? Whether you've written a tale of your own or just want to share one of your favourites with the world - talk to us!  StoryTime is always on the lookout for contributors of stories and music - young or old, big or small!



Mindy Neo,


I love the stories featured in StoryTime. They enrich the soul and mind. Thank you for having this podcast.

Nora Ueda,


I listened to your story about the Chinese Zodiac with my Japanese student. 
She is 16 and has only studied English for about 4 years. She said she understood only half of what was being said but added your imitation of the animals way of talking was very effective as being Japanese and having the same animal zodiac, it was the hint she needed to grasp the overall line of the story. 
I told her that the more times she listens to the story, the more she would understand, as her listening ability improves. 
She said she would love to listen to more stories as your story telling was very animated and I enjoyed it tremendously myself. 

Muizz Aziz,


We were listening to this Chapter while driving to Port Klang for a day-trip at Pulau Ketam. All I can say is, this podcast made the journey so eventful and entertaining! The story on the zodiac signs is particularly interesting, made so much better with Shanthini’s style, enthusiasm and creativity in telling the story. It made us feel like we were back in our childhood, enjoying our favourite Disney stories :) and I love how we get to discover new music as well. Would recommend it for everyone! Keep it up and can’t wait for more!




Leanne Koh, Aged 9

Thank you for the stories we heard. We liked them a lot. Please keep finding more stories so that we can learn more. Have a Beautiful Day!

Lelia Seah, Aged 9

I liked the podcast because ever since I started reading books, I could not imagine what the author wanted to tell me. But since I heard your podcast, I could imagine what you tried to tell me. I am extremely grateful.

Rui Xuan, Aged 9

Your podcasts are really amazing. The narrators were also really good and I hope you tell more/make more podcasts. It was also very funny when the person shot the jacket that looked like an alligator.

Lycia Ng, Aged 9

I like the stories. They are very interesting. I appreciate the songs and the story-songs at the end of the stories. I could imagine the stories' picture in my brain. Some titles of the stories were funny. There were some funny noises like "Boom!" and "Pow!" and some other noises of different animals.


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