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Chapter 15 - 'Phar Lap the Wonder Horse' and other stories

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Chapter 15
Jackie Kerin/Antonio Rocha/SquareCircles

Jackie Kerin (Australia) - ‘Phar Lap the Wonder Horse’, is a true account of a horse that is from Australia. Unfortunately due to greed by the owners, the horse was overworked and faced an untimely death.

Antonio Rocha (USA) - ‘Uncle Pepe’s Alligator’. A true account of a story when Antonio was a child and visited his relatives in Brazil. His uncle, Pepe, kept an alligator as a pet and one day it escapes cos of floods in the village.

StoryTime Music- SquareCircles (Malaysia) with original composition, 'Shades of Indigo'.

IF LINK BELOW DOESN’T LOAD, PLEASE CLICK https://storytimejjb.blogspot.com/2019/07/chapter-15-17th-july-2019.html

Jackie Kerin/Antonio Rocha/SquareCircles
Chapter 15 Presenters

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