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Chapter 2 - 'Dog! She is Smart' and other stories

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Shanthini Venugopal/Roger Jenkins/Oni Lasana/Connie Regan-Blake/Lavenia Thalia/Chelsia Ng/Weijun

IF LINK DOESN'T UPLOAD, CLICK https://www.buzzsprout.com/276938/1043855-chapter-2

Shanthini Venugopal (Malaysia)- original story 'Why JellyBeans are Colourful' where you listen to the TRUE story about WHY they are colourful..

Roger Jenkins (Singapore) - 'Tongue Meat' - you should always be mindful of what you say cos words can make or break a person

Oni Lasana (USA) - '3 Fishes in a Pond', - different attitudes bring about different endings.

Connie Regan Blake (USA) - 'Dog! She is Smart', - how a dog outsmarts an alligator that is about to eat him.

Lavenia Thalia (Indonesia) - 'Bawang Puteh, Bawang Merah', an Indonesian folktale about the lives of 2 step sisters

Chelsia story and song '6am Sushi'

Weijun with 'story and song Like a Fish'

Chapter 2 Presenters

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