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Chapter 22 'What a song' and other stories

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

What a song and other stories
Shanthini Venugopal/Roger Jenkins/Sonia Bareja Punhani/Square Circles

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Shanthini Venugopal (Malaysia) about Onam Festival

Roger Jenkins (Singapore) with a story from India titled ‘Two Indian Brothers’. A tale about 2 brothers and how they carried out their father’s wishes which he told them from his deathbed.

Sonia Bareja Punhani (India) with her folktale titled ‘What a song’ . It’s about a lady who never sang, because she didn’t know any songs. She asks her husband to buy her a song from the market. Listen to find out what happens when she starts singing the song.

Square Circles (Malaysia) is on StoryTime music about some robbers that wanted to rob a house, titled ‘When the robbers came

Chapter 22 Presenters

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