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Chapter 23 - 'Monkey and the Fruit' and other stories

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Oni Lasana/Johnny Gillett/Rona Mentari/Heerraa

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Oni Lasana (USA) who tells her story ‘Love must fall’ about how some people fall in love to fulfil their fantasy.

Johnny Gillett(UK) with a Brazilian folktale ‘Monkey and the Fruit’ which is about a luscious fruit that is desired by all the animals in the forest and the great lengths they go to, to taste it.

Rona Mentari (Indonesia) with her folktale ‘The Story of Ma’. It is has a young man Manana Makardi falling in love with a young lady Insoraki and how their Love heals all Pain.

StoryTime Music features Heerraa (Malaysia), with her original song titled ‘Victorious’ about never giving up until you reach your destiny.

Presenters 23

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