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Chapter 27 - 'The Birthday Wish' and other stories

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'The Birthday Wish' and other stories

CELEBRITY HOST: Patrick Teoh Yasmin Yusuff (Malaysia) poem by Rod McKuen, 'The Coming of the Rain' about relationships

Oba William King (US) ‘The Birthday Wish’ to encourage the listener and uplift a spirit that might be wondering if wishes ever come true. 

Anna Fancett (UK) 'Death under a Tree' from Chaucer’s Canterbury tales. Its humour and simple moral make it accessible for children, but the message remains shocking even to an adult audience 

Azmyl Yunor (Malaysia) story and song 'Bersenderilah' translates to ‘Solitary’ in English. It is about being yourself and not following the herd. It’s a rallying call against herd and mob mentality which often plague societies! 

Patrick Teoh/Yasmin Yusuff/Oba William King/Azmyl Yunor/Anna Fancett

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