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Chapter 28 'The Selfish Giant' and other stories

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

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'The Selfish Giant' 'Sanctuary' 'How the pig came to stay at my house'
'The Selfish Giant' and other stories

Sukania Venugopal (Malaysia) with an Oscar Wilde classic ‘The Selfish Giant’ about what happens when you open your heart and let love in.

Jennifer Pahl Otto (US) ‘How the pig came to stay at my house’, she wrote this when she had insomnia one night and an image of a Pig hijacked her brain and by morning she had an almost reliable story

Isaac Ho (Malaysia) with his song ‘Sanctuary’ where you want to be close to someone but you're afraid that you’ll get hurt by getting too close but you still want to try.

Presenters for Chapter 28
Sukania Venugopal/Jennifer Pahl Otto/Isaac Ho

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