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Chapter 3 - 'The Pig Who Wanted to Be King' and other stories

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Chapter 3 The Pig who wanted to be King and other stories
Patrick Teoh/Antonio Rocha/Judith Elise Gomes/Jaan Gill/Bihzhu

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Patrick Teoh (Malaysia), with a story about ' Nian', a monster that terrorised a village in China.

Antonio Rocha (USA) - 'Piano the Ox', A true story from Antonio when he was a child and spent his time with family in Brazil. It is about an Ox who is loved by humans and animals alike. Listen to find out how he got the name Piano.

Judith Elise Gomes (Malaysia) - 'The Forever Dog', About a beautiful, strong long-lasting friendship that blossoms between a young boy, Mike and his rescue dog, Corky.

Jaan Gill (Malaysia) 'The pig who wanted to become The King' - about a young pig who had a dream to become The King and how through his kindness, found the way to achieve it

Bihzhu original music - story and song “Easy Peasy” & “The Heartway”

Patrick Teoh/Antonio Rocha/Judith Elise Gomes/Jaan Gill/Bihzhu
Chapter 3 Presenters

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