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Chapter 14 - 'How Patil's Buffalo Turned into a Cockerel' and other stories

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

BanuMathy/Yazhini Hariprasad/Carolina Quiroga- Stultz/Chelsia Ng

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Banumathy (India) - ‘How Patil’s Buffalo turned into a Cockerel' is about how a man trades his old buffalo for another animal that will serve his needs better at his farm. The transformation is with the telling of all the animals he traded and finally ended up with a cockerel.

Her daughter Yazhini Hariprasad (India) - tells a tale of a King who gives a riddle to challenge to his people and how Birbal was the one to solve it- ‘Birbal the Cleverest’,

Carolina Quiroga-Stultz (Argentina) - ‘The Eternal Wanderer of La Pampa’. A beautiful tale from Argentina about a Goucho who weaves Ponchos.

StoryTime Music - Chelsia Ng (Malaysia) with original composition 'Pick up the Phone'.

Chapter 14 Presenters

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